Leonidas Belgian Chocolate: Assorted Bars

Lately, I have been experimenting with tempering different barks. My latest favorite is a dark chocolate base with 70% chocolate covered nibs and bits of crystalized ginger. The combination is so much more than the sum of its parts with those crunchy nibs adding a marvelous complexity and textural interest. So, I was in a nib-positive state when Leonidas’ new 54% bar with nibs came over the transom. There are five bars in this 50 gram series, all perfect portions for one person to enjoy, and all appealing in their rectangular shape and thin profile. The Nibs bar is my favorite of the quintet, and an excellent choice for those who might balk at the intensity of a 70% bar with nibs. By using a 54% base, Leonidas offers a sweeter foil and creates a gentler, but still cheeky, bar.

While we’re in 54% territory, let’s look at Leonidas’s Orange bar. I like the citrus notes that come from natural orange flavor, especially when it’s added with a light hand, as it is here. As much as I am a fan of candied orange peel, there are times when I like a smoother chocolate experience.

Their Feuillentine (30%) is a mild milk with pieces of crunchy wafers. If you are partial to classic milk chocolate and like a little texture, this is for you. Ditto, their plain milk bar, also 30%. On the other hand, if you’re a hard core chocophile, you might prefer their 70% bar. I believe this is a blended chocolate, as there is no mention of a single origin provenance. It has some leathery notes, a slight astringency and a pleasing creamy consistency.

Leonidas is well known for their Pralines, fresh butter creams, Ganaches, and Pralinés. As those aren’t particularly portable, this new range allows you to take a 50 gram bar in your car, briefcase, or handbag so you’re always prepared should a chocolate emergency strike.


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