Niederegger Cream Nougat and Nut Nougat Balls

Sometimes, I think we can all get a bit habituated to something and cease to have an open mind. I know this is true for my predilection for dark over milk chocolate, but when I allow some cranial space I can be quite surprised by how deliciously desserty some milk chocolate confections can be. Such is the case with Niederegger’s Praline Balls. ( I must admit a lingering positive halo effect when it comes to Niederegger, since their Classic Bittersweet and Ginger marzipan bars are the best I have ever tasted.) Each two-bite sphere is individually wrapped which helps with portion control, portability, and attractiveness. The Niederegger shiny gold or copper packaging is quite festive and appealing.

Nut Nougat Praline was my favorite as the flavor was more complex. The center was the epitome of creamy, nutty chocolate and the shell was a very good super milky couverture. One of these with an espresso or grassy green tea and some grapes would make a delectable finish to dinner. They also fit the bill when you want a little something in the afternoon to brighten your spirits. The Cream Nougat Praline, with all that sweet, creamy chocolate would appeal to adults who love a silky textured, super-rich chocolate. Both renditions sport lusciously soft interiors (not firm like a truffle, but not runny like some caramels) that conjure up images of luxuriously reclining on a chaise while someone fans the air above you. Pure decadence.


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