Guylian Belgian Chocolates

I have always loved the look of Guylian’s seashell chocolates, but it was only recently I became a fan. What changed? They have a new product: 74% Extra Dark Belgian Chocolates filled with their classic hazelnut praliné. Guylian’s praliné is memorable because the nuts are roasted and caramelized, giving the filling a very satisfying depth and complexity. The slightly lower sugar content adds to their adult appeal, while the contrast of a well-tempered shell against a creamy center makes them texturally interesting.

I shared these with a few friends and we all thought each seahorse or seashell was like a little dessert.

If you like a sweeter, creamier chocolate, try their classic seashells with marbelized milk and white chocolate. They make a beautiful gift, and look quite festive on a dessert tray.

Guylian also makes two No Sugar bars, a milk (33.9%) and dark (54%), sweetened with Maltitol. Once upon a time, many years ago, I abstained from sugar for eight months. It was an experiment to see if I felt any better. I didn’t. But, if you need or want to limit your sugar intake, these offer an opportunity to indulge your chocolate cravings.

Two other interesting tidbits about Guylian:
They do not use any vegetable fats, only 100% cocoa butter; and,
every time you purchase one of their products a donation is made to Project Seahorse, an international marine conservation organization.


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