Ordering chocolates online

Until recently, ordering chocolates online was a fairly obvious enterprise. You could peruse and purchase a wide variety on sites like chocosphere, chocolate source, chocolate.com, and worldwide chocolate. These venues offer a plethora of products, and I have enjoyed wandering through them all, as well as buying from each and every one. My only quibble is their shipping charges. Sometimes, if the wind is with me, I can access a coupon code and save 10%, or take advantage of special sales or bargain bin items (in my experience, dark chocolate without nuts lasts for many moons beyond its sell by date), all of which minimizes the bottom line, and takes away some of the sting of high shipping. (Update from 10-6-11: I have been buying from World Wide Chocolate recently and their prices can be extraordinarily reasonable. For example, I just bought some Callebaut single origin chocolate chips for under $6 a pound. That’s a shockingly good deal.)

Then, of course, there is Amazon (my favorite site, period) where you can buy chocolates with free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime customer or buy, at least, $25 worth of chocolate. The only problem is, Amazon doesn’t carry many of the more unusual products I crave.

New to the chocolate buying scene is Molly Drexelius (Drexelius Chocolates). Apparently, she also thought shipping prices exorbitant, but she did something about it. If you order a minimum of $25 worth of chocolates she will ship them for free. Yes, you read that correctly. Even in the Summer. Yes, you read that correctly, too. Her range of products keeps steadily increasing, which makes her a first stop if you are buying chocolate online.

One more thing. If you subscribe to your favorite chocolatier’s newsletter, you may find offers for free shipping. It’s always worth the five seconds of your time, since they will alert you to new products and other specials.

If you know of any other site I omitted please shoot me an email through the comments box at the bottom of this page, and I will check it out.


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