NibMor Organic Raw Chocolates

Just as every chocolate is somewhat different from the next, raw specimens can be wildly divergent. Some bars are creamier, some grittier, and others sweeter. NibMor, whose mission is to “merge health and delicious food into an affordable treat,” has created a softly textured, smooth, agave sweetened bar that satisfies a chocolate craving while obliterating any Calvinist guilt you might have about eating the stuff in the first place.

The food-like, slightly chewy texture quickly melts in your mouth. It seems as if the flavor is meant to appeal to a wide swath of the population, as it’s easy to eat, and the finish has just a hint of dryness. Considering it boasts 65% cocoa solids, this is a big plus for people steering away from milk chocolate towards darker varieties. If you are eating chocolate for health reasons, you are on a raw food diet, or you simply want to try something new and unusual, sample this bar.

NibMor makes four flavors of bars and four flavors of drinking chocolate.


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