Julia Baker Confections

Julia Baker Confections offers such lovely packaging that just looking at the box of assorted chocolates made me happy. Of course, if the contents weren’t delicious, this would be a Pyrrhic victory. Luckily, they are, with a great variety of classics and a few exiting newbies. But back to the box, which I will definitely re-use. It is made of shiny dark brown cardboard, lined with hot pink paper, tied with a dark brown silk ribbon, and topped with a clear window enabling you to see prettily decorated truffle squares adorned with colorful transfers or a dot of gold leaf. The bottom tray contains three supremely satisfying bonbons: a soft caramel in a milk (41%) shell coated with chopped nuts, a dark thicker caramel with a hidden hazelnut, and a white chocolate enrobed dark ganache adorned with toasted coconut. The truffles include Irish cream in a milk chocolate ganache, raspberry truffle in white chocolate, two dark (72%) and two milk ganaches, and two very special passion fruit ganaches in dark chocolate. I loved the passion fruit’s bright, fresh flavor, and I thoroughly enjoyed the two caramels from the bottom layer.

Julia studied pastry making at Le Cordon Bleu, and graduated first in her class. Her cakes, especially the signature Chocolate Petal and Exploding Rose, are beyond stunning. I suggest you use the link on the right side of this page to check them out, as their beauty and originality are well worth your time.

If you have an upcoming party, wedding shower, or special occasion, you may want to order some of her “cake truffles.” I didn’t try them, but they look divine.


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