Special Deal from Daily Gourmet on New Tree Chocolates

The folks at Daily Gourmet (http://www.dailygourmet.com) want to give my readers a special deal off their already discounted offer on New Tree chocolate bars. This is a time-limited opportunity, so you may want to check it out now. Their last posting, on some fantastic truffles, sold out very quickly.

Here’s how it works: be among the first 20 people to log on to their site, use this code: CP302848505, and you will automatically receive an extra $5 off.

The offer will be for 5 NewTree bars:
~ Apricot “Cocoon”
~ Lavender “Tranquility”
~ Cherry “Eternity”
~ Dark Cocoa “Pleasure”
~ Ginger “Sexy”

Daily Gourmet brings you all sorts of appetizing bargains on artisanal foods. I already signed up for their email alerts. Just like Groupon and Living Social, this new site introduces you to products at incredibly low prices. You can find a link to Daily Gourmet on the right side of this page.


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