Taza Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts

I have been delighted with Taza’s products in the past, and their new Dark Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts are no exception. Like other Taza enrobed nuts, these are super-roasted. Their dark chocolate shell is 55% but tastes much deeper than that number might imply. With only 7 grams of sugar in a 28 gram portion, these are more like a healthy snack than a confection. They’re incredibly satisfying, phenomenally crunchy, and coated in organic and sustainably grown chocolate.

I have come to really adore Taza’s unique lines, whether it’s their sugar-crystal grainy discs in assorted flavors that complement a supremely earthy chocolate, or their chocolate coated almonds. When you eat a Taza chocolate you can taste all the good karma they infuse in every bite.


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