John & Kira’s Chocolates, Ladybugs, & Drunken Chocolate Figs

I have known about John & Kira’s chocolates for years, but had no idea what I was missing. Their motto: “Real people. Really good chocolates,” is quite an understatement. It should be: “Caring people, great chocolate.”

Everything I tried was incredibly fresh. The assorted chocolates, squares of different flavored ganache covered in Valrhona dark chocolate, were wildly rich. Each had just the right intensity of fruit, herb, whiskey, and spice. Their couverture was thin, but not too thin. The mint, coffee, nuts, tea, honey, and lemongrass were sourced from small family businesses. You can taste all that wonderful energy in every bite. The mint was astoundingly minty, the raspberry and strawberry the quintessence of fruit, caramelized honey and lavender both floral and flavorful, pistachio and cinnamon just heavenly, Earl Grey tea had its customary orange notes, star anise’s licorice flavor was not allowed to overpower the chocolate, lemongrass was exotic, coffee whiskey inspired, and ginger brought a little warm heat. I typically have favorites in assortments like this, but I would be hard-pressed to choose, as each was truly delicious. Silky ganache, perfectly tempered chocolate shells, and a creative variety of flavors all came together to create memorable chocolates.

Drunken Chocolate Figs were dried figs (not dried out), filled with whiskey-infused ganache, and dipped halfway in dark chocolate. I had always been drawn to this combination, but the last time I tried some (from Italy), I was very disappointed. These were like a completely different confection, as all three textures: the slightly chewy fig, satiny ganache, and snappy chocolate danced happily together with a touch of whiskey. John & Kira’s rendition exceeded my imagination.

The three different flavored Ladybug collection was adorable. All “bugs” came beautifully decorated with either green, yellow, or red and dark chocolate dots. Upon removing one from its little nest I was treated to some tidbit of information about ladybugs and their habits. I felt as if I were giving all five senses and my intellect a treat.

The packaging is sweet and whimsical. Their attention to detail obvious from appealing labels, to the extra layer of paper over the figs with an opening for the top of each piece, just to make sure each one arrives in perfect condition.

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to tell you about these noteworthy chocolates. If you haven’t tried them yet here’s an added incentive: they offer a flat shipping rate of $5.95 with no minimum purchase. Frankly, I think the tag line should be no maximum purchase, because, once you try them you’ll want a ready supply.


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