Aldi 85% with Mousse, and 85% with Mousse and Cherry Chili

I was recently at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo and found myself captivated by an installation of four pieces of string attached at either end to the ceiling and floor. These simple four lines marked out four planes of negative space. Aldi’s new 85% Mousse bar may not be an example of negative space, per se, but it is similar in that it’s the absence of something, in this case hydrogenated fats, that defines the confection.

So many mousse-filled bars rely on hydrogenated fats to achieve their consistency that Aldi’s bar really is an achievement. This time-limited offering is a wonderful pairing of extreme dark chocolate, with a lingering dry finish, and super creamy chocolate mousse filling. It’s rich, very adult, and very satisfying.

The Mousse bar with Cherries and Chili is similar but not the same. It has an additional layer of cherry jam, a bit chewy, like a jelly filling, and a hint of chili. If you are concerned the heat will be too much, don’t be. In some bites it was barely discernible. I vastly preferred the plain mousse version.

The packaging is noteworthy, too. An easy to open and close cardboard envelope reveals five individually wrapped bars scored into four pieces.


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