Organic Nectars Raw Cacao Bars

Organic Nectars, an innovative company that has won awards for its Pistachio Raw Agave Gelato, also created Palm Sweet (TM), a certified organic vegan and kosher parve powdered sweetener made from pure evaporated coconut nectar. It has a low glycemic index (35) and a high vitamin and nutrient content. Add that to chocolate, a super food in its own right, and you have quite a powerful nutritional punch.

Frankly, my heart goes out to people who will eat these bars for their health benefits and won’t savor their unique character. I sampled all six and found each different from the next. I felt as if I were doing a wine flight, since they range in intensity from a white bar to an 85%.

The Golden White Chocolate is light caramel colored and made with cashews, Madagascar Vanilla, coconut powder, and pink sea salt. It was ultra creamy and gently flavored, with the salt a supporting actor.

Nut “Milk” Chocolate is similar to the Golden White, except it is a milk bar. Again, the flavor is mild and the texture smooth.

Raspberry Dark Bar has the addition of organic raspberry powder which infuses the fruit’s presence into every bite.

54% Cacao boasted the same great texture with a bit more chocolate intensity.

70% Cacao really took the experience up a few notches, with deeper chocolate notes, though still a very easy-to-eat bar.

85% Cacao was entirely different, as you would imagine. It had a dry finish, a slightly leathery taste, and much more chocolate character.

My favorites were the Nut “Milk” and Raspberry bars.


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