Zzang! Candy bars by Zingerman’s

I have many happy recollections of eating candy bars as a child. When I opened the box from Zingerman’s (the famous food emporium in Ann Arbor, Michigan) I remembered using a butter knife to retrieve change from my piggy bank so I could go to the corner store and buy a Nestle’s Crunch. Most of my allowance went to such indulgences. Some things never change.

Charlie Frank, the pastry chef behind these treats, has similar memories. He writes that as a child he would spend 50 cents a week on candy. Apparently, all that research paid off. You can feel the joy of creation in his four Zzang! candy bars.

In 2008 I reviewed two of them: Zzang!® Original and Ca$hew Cow. This time, I was able to try their What the Fudge? and Wowza bars. Here’s the lowdown:

What the Fudge?
Imagine two hunks of fudge (actually a layer of milk chocolate fudge and one of malted milk cream fondant) divided horizontally with a layer of caramel and dunked in dark chocolate. It’s a very sweet mix of dark and milk chocolate with organic muscovado brown sugar, milk, heavy cream, butter, vanilla and malted milk powder.

Wowza Raspberry Candy Bar
Raspberry ganache covers raspberry nougat that has a scattering of raspberry chewy candies, all bathed in dark chocolate.

The bars are sweet enough to channel my inner six year old but conceptually adult to tweak my culinary intellect. What I mean by culinary intellect is the inner encyclopedia of past gustatory experiences that serves as my template for all new tastes and textures. ZZang! bars have a way of playing with that model, turning it around, and surprising me with new flavor combinations, or classics executed in novel ways. If you want to satisfy both your inner child and outward adult Zingerman’s has you covered.


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