Sweet Sally’s Brownies & Rugelach

A really fantastic pastry is so satisfying that a few bites will suffice. Sweet Sally’s rugelach with dark chocolate, jam and currants is a perfect example. One piece will sate your cravings for chocolate, deliciously flakey pastry, and wonderfully chewy little currants. Sally Saltzbart Minier, the owner of Sweet Sally’s, made the right choice to use currants rather than the more traditional raisins, as they infiltrate every bite with an extra burst of fruity sweetness that carries the chewiness of baked jam and dark chocolate to all your sweet-loving taste buds. Her rugelach are simply A-plus.

I also sampled a delicious heart-shaped brownie that was another joyful experience. Fudgy, and redolent with dark chocolate, every bite made me smile.

Sweet Sally’s offers many more delights, like classic rainbow cookies with almond paste, Mandel bread, gluten free macaroons, cinnamon raisin rugelach, chocolate and ginger scones that look heavenly, and a host of other treats to tempt you.


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