Taza organic chocolate discs: Salt & Pepper, Cinnamon, Coffee

Taza’s organic chocolate discs are earthy, grainy with sugar crystals, and have a high AQ (addiction quotient). There are two 1/4″ thick discs, scored into eight pie-shaped pieces, in each lovely package. The thing about Taza is it’s eminently chewable. Many chocolates lend themselves to slowly melting in your mouth, while Taza’s flavors and textures seem to blend best when chewed. I am simply unable to let a piece melt. The sugar crystals and stone ground beans seem to benefit from a bit more grinding—this time by one’s teeth.

I tried three versions and liked them all. The most unusual combination, Salt & Pepper, was a bit of a surprise. At first, I thought the salt was predominating, but that impression flew away as I bit into a tiny piece of peppercorn. Exciting, different, and tantalizing; each bit made me hanker for another. When a flavor profile keeps changing, and you never know which taste will be next, the element of surprise and unpredictability keep you reaching for another taste. Which will it be now? More salt, more pepper, more chocolate?

The cinnamon is a lovely combination, since the spice is perfectly calibrated: not too subtle, and not in your face. Goldilocks would have no trouble with this, as it’s just right.

The Counter Culture Coffee infused discs were a bit milder than I anticipated, with the coffee a beautiful subtext to the chocolate. Both flavors lingered well. It may sound strange to use this word when referring to a Taza disc, but the the flavors were smooth. Actually, all three discs were well balanced.

If you haven’t tried Taza I would encourage you to. Their products are definitely different from many others I have reviewed, and they satisfy in a unique way. Almost like a food, rather than a sweet.

All three discs may be used for hot chocolate. In that case, the sugar crystals would melt. Since I liked the crunchy texture, I didn’t experiment with making a hot version.


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