Fairytale Brownies

To the best of my knowledge, the Brothers Grimm never wrote a fairytale about brownies, but if they had, these might have been the central characters. Fudge-like, rich, and available in 12 varieties, Fairytale Brownies are a luscious gift for anyone who loves baked goods. All are made with Belgian Callebaut chocolate. I especially liked the pecan, caramel, and walnut.

All came attractively packaged in a square brown box with an adorable little brownie, or sprite, dancing off to the right side, and a logo sleeve in purple.

Just in case you would like to control yourself, these stay fresh for 30 days in the refrigerator or six months in the freezer. Take it from a fellow baker, nothing defrosts as successfully as a brownie.

After trying the brownies, I perused the catalogue and found Chocolate Covered Fairytale Truffles: brownie bites covered in 60% dark chocolate. If you are more in the mood for a confection, these would fit the bill. I didn’t sample them, but they were calling to me. I think I can hear them now….

Since 2001, co-founders Eileen and David have been donating brownies and funds to KaBoom, a national nonprofit that helps build playgrounds. With a name like Fairytale, what could be a better philanthropic fit than something for children?


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