Green’s Chocolate Babka and Rugelach

My grandmother made the most fantastic chocolate babka on earth. Ever since my teen years, I have tried to replicate it, but with no success. Though the craving never abated, I despaired at ever enjoying this treat again. Yes, I have optimistically ordered chocolate babkas from other New York bakeries only to find they contained hydrogenated oils. Recently, I came across Green’s bakery in Brooklyn. They bake a wide assortment of babkas, rugelach, rainbow cookies, seven layer cake, marble cake, and other traditional Kosher sweets. Of course, my attention immediately went to the babka.

Their version is visually appealing with its multitude of alternating layers of chocolate and cake. It’s rich, moist, chocolatey, and delicious. In the past, when I sampled other babkas I found them to have a very high addiction quotient. Perhaps, they had more sugar? I don’t know. All I can tell you is this cake was very satisfying, yet I had no trouble exerting some self-restriant.

I was also intrigued by how the same ingredients could taste appreciably different when made into rugelach. The major difference is the cake to chocolate ratio: the rugelach are a bit more cakey which makes them an excellent choice when you want something a little less rich, but still decadent.

These treats are baked with palm oil. Like coconut oil, which used to have a bad reputation, palm oil is beginning to be recognized as far healthier than many alternative fats. If you want more information, check out:

Last but not least, Green’s offers their baked goods at extremely reasonable prices. A 24 ounce chocolate babka is $7.99 and a 14 ounce bag of rugelach is $5.99. With a croissant selling for almost two dollars around the corner, this seems like an incredible bargain and a great gift option. Both products also come in a cinnamon version.


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