Taza Organic Dark Chocolate Coated Almonds

Taza’s Organic Dark Chocolate Coated Almonds are quite different from the usual specimens. For one thing, their shell is thinner, which is just great if you are a real almond lover as I am. Secondly, the nuts are well-roasted. It’s almost as if they had been roasted twice. When I first tasted them I thought the nuts were over-done, but after eating almost a whole tin, I realize I was wrong. The almonds are super crunchy and the coating is seriously bittersweet. Thus, they make a perfect snack anytime.

If you have had Perigord Walnuts (they are sun dried in France and similarly coated with a thin layer of very dark couverture) you will know what these resemble. An excellent choice for adult tastes.

The people at Taza have a unique process. Their chocolate is ground on authentic Oaxacan stone mills (instead of steel refiners) and they do not conch. This makes for a more natural product that really complements the earthy almond flavor and texture.


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