Chocolates On Broadway: Dark Pecan Caramel Patties & Milk Chocolate Peanut Clusters

In 1905, a man from Greece came to America with some experience in candy making. Eager to learn more, he visited Stephen F. Whitman, founder of Whitman’s Chocolates in Philadelphia, and Milton Hershey, founder of Hershey’s Chocolates.

Mr. Whitman and Mr. Hershey financed him to the tune of $1000, and with guidance from both men, he opened the first chocolate store in Bangor, PA.

Although there have been other family owners since 1905, the Bussenger’s purchased the business in 1978 when it was called “Callies Candy Kitchen.” The name was changed to Chocolates on Broadway in 1996.

Chocolates On Broadway makes a variety of truffles and classic chocolates. All are offered for fund-raising, but individuals may also order them online. I wish my children had had these when they were selling candy for school trips, sports teams, and other activities. On the other hand, I might have scarfed up too many.

The Dark Pecan Caramel Patties were about 1 1/4 inches in diameter, extremely fresh, and just what you would want: crunchy nuts, just-right caramel (not too chewy and not too soft) and a perfect thickness of couverture. While reading the ingredients list I was surprised to find something I had never heard of: Paramount Flakes. Apparently, these are like shortening and either thin chocolate or help keep it from seizing up if any water gets in. I got the sense they are used as a corrective, rather than a real ingredient. A bit like adding cream of tartar to egg whites for a more lofty and uniform result. You don’t notice cream of tartar in a meringue any more than I noticed Paramount Flakes in these patties.

The Milk Chocolate Crushed Peanut Clusters were about the same size but a little flatter. The creamy milk chocolate was a good foil for a plethora of roasted peanuts cut into various small pieces. This made each bite slightly different from the next, a good strategy for keeping your palate awake and interested.

Both products are deliciously traditional and Chocolates On Broadway does a great job of providing exactly what you would expect from a well-loved neighborhood candy store.


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