Sjaack’s Organic Chocolate With Peanut Butter

I must admit, with a name like Winter Wonderfuls I thought these might be more fitting for children, but I was dead wrong. They are wonderful. As for the Winter part, if your craving extends beyond the holiday season, you can buy their floral shaped discs with peanut butter all year.

Adorable, organic little snowmen are perfect for the holidays, and absolutely delicious. The combination of crunchy peanut butter with just the right thickness of couverture makes every bite satisfying.

I always think it’s a real accomplishment when a chocolatier concocts something truly luscious that isn’t addictive. Of course, starting with dark chocolate and moderating sugar content (each little guy has about 6 grams of sugar) really helps.

Don’t let the homey, cute packaging, or name of these treats mislead you. If they had been packaged in a fancier box, you would gladly pay twice the price. Nine sell for $9.95.


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