Zotter Pistachios; Celeriac, Truffle & Port Wine; Cheese, Walnuts & Raisins; Plum Brandy

Zotter’s Hand Scooped bars are really a chocolate bon bon in a flat, rectangular shape. The couverture is thin to medium, and the filling is what you would expect to find in a truffle or high-end chocolate assortment. “Pistachios” is a perfect example. The bottom layer is a traditional marzipan topped with pistachio marzipan. It’s enhanced with vanilla, cherry brandy, and a touch of anise. The combination is delicious, though, unlike some of their other bars flavored with alcohol, it was hard to taste the brandy.

I’m sure, by now, Zotter is world famous for their wild-sounding combinations. Celeriac, Truffle, and Port Wine is just one example. There are three layers: one like a chocolate truffle, one a port wine jelly, and the last marzipan. The ingredients include: apple balsamic vinegar, celeriac, apple brandy, and 12% port. The layers did not abide harmoniously, as each felt separate during my taste test. While it sounded as if it would be fascinating, at the end of the day I found it bland.

Cheese, Walnuts & Raisins is another unusual combo. Walnuts comprise 7%, cheese 5% (the label does not say what kind of cheese, though their website lists it as Austrian), and 2% raisins. This bar has an off-white truffle-like interior that tastes a bit like cheese. If you have a yen to try something different, try this; otherwise, I would steer you towards their Bacon Bits, Butter Caramel, or Black Cherries with Vanilla (all of which have been reviewed on this site).

Plum Brandy is a delicious dark truffle filled bar with 70% dark chocolate and 4% plum brandy. If you like a liquor infused truffle this is an excellent choice. The deep, dark, creamy interior has a lingering finish enhanced by a hint of brandy.


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