Jersey Devil Chocolates: Hot, Spicy and Sweet

This is one unique bar. If it weren’t ungrammatical, I would say it is one very unique bar. Dark chocolate (54%), dried cranberries, chipotle powder and vanilla make for an intense, hot, spicy, fruity, sweet, tangy, fragrant chocolate with hits of chewy cranberry in a well tempered base. The more I ate this the more I liked it.

Jersey Devil’s bar is on the thin side, which appealed to me, and it’s scored into 20 little rectangles. When something has an AQ (addiction quotient) this high, anything that slows you down as you scarf it up is to be appreciated.

If you love a little heat with your sweet this chocolate is a dream come true.

(As shipping costs are so high these days, you might like to know the Jersey Devil website offers delivery for just $2.95.)

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