With a name like Sugah! you might mistakenly believe this line will be overly sweet and jejune. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sugah’s handmade chocolates reflect attention to detail and creativity that spans all ages. From their Fog Burner coffee bar to their Smores bar there really is something for everyone.

Let’s start our journey with their Fog Burner bar. Sugah’s deep, dark chocolate infused with nano-spheres of Fog Burner coffee is just exquisite. What distinguishes it is the texture: no big crunchy bits of coffee beans, but a subtle textural lift from teeny coffee pieces. You might think two intense flavors like this would compete, but they marry beautifully. If you love this classic combination, their rendition is not to be missed.

For the past 25 years I have sweetened almost all my baked goods with maple syrup, so their Canadian Maple Sugar bar was destined to be a hit with me. It’s milk chocolate with a “crust” of maple sugar crystals. Deliciously sweet, luxurious, and decadent.

Their 75% Tanzanie Cocoa bar was smaller than the other two, but had a big, bold, sophisticated taste. Slight acidity, fig notes, a bit of earthiness, and just the right amount of creaminess balance like a trapeze artist on the tongue. The slightly dry finish allows you to feel satisfied with less. For some visual flourish, they embossed a lovely line of cocoa pods along the top of the bar.

Buttercrunch Morsels in Dark Chocolate satisfy both the adult and child. The dark chocolate is a great bittersweet foil for the nice-sized chunks of buttercrunch.

Tijuana Tickler is white chocolate flavored with lime zest, chili flakes, and sports a sprinkling of roasted pistachios. The unexpected heat of chili flakes and the tang of lime against creamy white chocolate make this an exciting experience. Garnishing it with pistachios was inspired, as their crunch rounds out the whole experience.

Smores is a campfire in a bar: milk chocolate, house-made marshmallow, and graham crackers take their outdoorsy vibe inside. Yummsville.

Their riff on Fleur de Sel is to pair it with milk chocolate. If you love the thought of a creamy, salty chocolate bar, this is for you.

Dark Chocolate with Lemon Zest and Black Peppercorns sounds as if it might be too acidic, but it isn’t. Contrary to what you might think, the bite of peppercorns, slight acidity of lemon, and a very dark chocolate make for a complex profile that actually accentuates and heightens the chocolate’s depth.

I also sampled their three varieties of molded chocolates, each of which is embossed with an attractive heraldic image of a lion. The semi-sweet dark is chockfull of Nova Scotia blueberries, while the white is loaded with Nova Scotia dried cranberries. In the past, I might not even have tried the white chocolate; now, I have a new strategy, I think of it as cream. Cranberries and cream is a lovely combination and I must admit I enjoyed it more than I might have imagined. The milk chocolate contains a perfectly chewy caramel interior.

Believe it or not, I only sampled some of their extensive line. You can go to their website, the link is on the right, and it will direct you to another site that lists their full line.


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