Intemperantia Truffles, Almonds, & Ganache

The exquisite little jewel box I received from Intermperantia Chocolates looked as if it were made of embossed leather in a light pumpkin color, very fitting for the season. I tasted three truffles, chocolate covered almonds, and one dark ganache square. All were high quality, extremely fresh, and some even organic. The almonds were perfectly roasted and enrobed in organic milk chocolate. The truffle’s gentle flavors allowed the smooth centers and well-tempered shells to play of each other without impediment, while the uncoated ganache square delivered an intense blast of dark chocolate. The whole line is flown in from Switzerland, where they take their chocolate seriously.

Intemperantia imports a wide variety of beautiful chocolates including marzipan, nougat, liquor-infused, orange peel, and toffee. While I did not taste them, they look delicious.

The people at Intemperantia have offered my readers a 10% discount through the end of December, 2010. You can access it here:


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