Zotter Bacon Bits 70%

I never thought I would review a chocolate and bacon bar since the concept has always seemed fairly unappetizing; but, something made me order one from World Wide Chocolates. What a shock. It was very good. What’s so strange is that I can’t discern even a hint of pork, even though the ingredients list states “7.27% pork crackling.” The texture is very similar to their butter caramel bar, like a truffle with tiny, crunchy hazelnut bits. Surprisingly, it’s not particularly salty, or fatty. The flavor is actually far milder than you might imagine from the ingredients, which also include cinnamon. If I didn’t know there was bacon I would never have been able to pick it out.

Two things could use improvement:
1. The couverture is on the thin side. So, even though the filling is encased in chocolate, I wouldn’t consider this a chocolate bar, per se. A thicker shell might balance out the proportion of interior and exterior.
2. There are no sections to the bar; it’s a rectangle with filling end to end, which makes portion control challenging.

These “hand-scooped” bars, as Zotter calls them, are more about the filling than the chocolate. They seem to fall into two categories. One type has a layer of marzipan, topped with jam, or fruit puree, and the other has a more truffle-like interior. I was intrigued with their incredibly creative combinations, but a bit disappointed that the actual bars didn’t challenge my palate.


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