Aldi Dark Chocolate with Orange and Almonds

There are four different concoctions in this new line from Aldi. Each is 2.47 ounces (70 grams) and each will appeal to different add-on enthusiasts. The one that beckoned to me was this dark chocolate bar with almond pieces and orange. It’s fairly unusual to find a bar with actual dehydrated orange, so I was intrigued.

The fairly thin slab of dark chocolate is good. Its cocoa content is not listed, but I would imagine it to be about 55%-60%. The almonds appear blanched and toasted, and the orange pieces are chewy, but not super sweet or chewy like fruit leather. I honestly couldn’t tell you which part of the orange they hail from. My guess would be the pith, as strange as that sounds. On the other hand, I have never dehydrated oranges. It’s hard to believe it’s the peel as the color is paler than you would expect if that were the case. In spite of this bit of damning with faint praise, I did enjoy the unusual aspects of this bar. (The great thing with Aldi is, you can try something for very little money, this bar was $1.49, and, if you don’t like it they will happily refund your money and replace it. What I find vexing and baffling about their guarantee is they give you exactly what you just returned. I guess that assumes the product was faulty rather than unappetizing; but, it’s still a generous policy.)

Would I buy this again? Only if I were in the mood for something novel. There are other bars at Aldi, like their 65% Madagascar that blow this out of the water. Here’s the link if you missed my review:

A note on the packaging: it was visually appealing but very user unfriendly as the cello window separated from the cardboard envelope almost immediately.


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