Chocri Create-Your-Own Chocolate Bars

When I first came across Chocri’s site with its plethora of toppings for a create-your-own bar, I thought it was just a great gimmick from Germany. Boy was I wrong. It’s a wonderful opportunity to create exactly what you want in a customized chocolate bar using high quality chocolate and toppings.

You have the choice of three base bars, all of which are organic and fair trade: white, 32% milk, or 64% dark. Then you can pick as many toppings as you like from over 100 options. The choices come in six categories: fruit, spices, nuts, confections, decor, and grains. While fruit, spices, and nuts are easy to imagine, confections include items like: nougat pieces, toffee, mini cookies, and licorice; decor includes: real gold leaf flakes, mini pearls, pink hearts, marzipan rose, and various written sentiments; some of the grains are: organic mint leaves, organic sesame seeds, candied lilac, bacon bits, cornflakes, dried flowers, cocoa nibs, and ground coffee beans. If making one more decision puts you over the edge, you can use their tried and true suggestions, which all look very appetizing.

Each item adds to the total price, with a typical range between $6.40 and $8.00. Shipping is a very reasonable $6.00. In addition to offering such an innovative product, they donate a percentage of their revenues to DIV Kinder, an organization that supports children on the Ivory Coast. You are free to add your own extra donation at checkout.

I used the dark base and concocted two bars. The first was strawberries, roasted peanuts, and Bourbon Vanilla. I was thinking of the classic PB & J. The chocolate was excellent quality, with a very creamy texture and a rich, balanced flavor profile, which was perfect, considering anything too assertive would compete with the add-ons. I liked the look of this bar, and the heightened vanilla notes. If I ordered it again, I think I would choose a dried fruit, rather than a dehydrated one, and I might double up on the nuts. My next concoction consisted of hazelnut brittle, real gold flakes, and nougat and it was quite extraordinary. I loved the look of the gold flakes, admittedly only worth the money for their visual appeal (and, perhaps, some homeopathic anti-depressant benefit from Aurum Metallicum). Both the hazelnut brittle and nougat were delicious. Next time, I might forego the gold and add some curry or chili.

The site is a ton of fun, as it allows you to let your imagination run wild, or not. I was a bit timid in my choices. If you love your creation it’s very easy to re-order since they give you a chocri bar code on the back of your package.

Speaking of the packaging, I found it perfect: a huge clear cellophane window allows you to view the whole bar, like a mini abstract painting. The ends re-close easily, and the chocolate is scored on the underside for perfect portions.


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