Aldi Choceur Dark 55% Raspberry

This amazingly low priced bar from Aldi is made in Austria, and boasts little slivers of almonds, raspberry puree, and the dreaded high fructose corn syrup. Mercifully, there are no hydrogenated oils. With an intro like that you might think I didn’t like it, but I did. The fruitiness is quite pronounced. The almond-raspberry combo reminded me of a Linzer Torte, a perennial favorite; but, here, it was having a chocolate dream. Choceur’s lovely temper is punctuated by an abundance of crunchy almonds, and the creaminess of the chocolate provides a perfect foil for acidic raspberry notes.

Be warned: it’s very addictive. I think bars with a variety of tastes and textures are particularly seductive. We have no idea what flavor or texture is coming next and we don’t want to miss it, so we keep eating. I have also found that sweeter chocolate is more addictive than more bitter bars.

I happened to still have some of the Choceur Organic, Fair Trade, Santo Domingo bar (70%) and had it as a chaser. The dry aftertaste and lower sugar content (11 grams vs. 17 grams for the raspberry) reminded me, once again, how a complex, ultra dark bar satisfies like nothing else. That said, I did enjoy the cheerful, zippy taste of this new offering from Aldi.


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