Guittard Semisweet and Milk Chocolate Chips

August is probably the least chocolate-centric month of the year, but the desire for a chocolate fix knows no calendar. By the end of the Summer I am yearning to bake. Fortuitously, the people at Guittard sent me some chocolate chips to sate that desire. Nature cooperated with a cool spell, and I made a batch of chocolate chip gingerbread, which was even better than I remembered it.

Typically, I don’t buy chocolate chips because I cut up whatever chocolate is lying around and make my own little chunks. Guittard’s milk chocolate chips are more than twice as large as their semisweet cousins, and they have only one more gram of sugar. Both varieties are made with real vanilla, and are delicious; though, uncharacteristically, I was more smitten with the milk chips. There was something so luxuriously decadent about them, and they were perfect in the gingerbread, my adaptation of Alice Medrich’s recipe. It’s an unusual gingerbread as it calls for half a cup of freshly grated ginger. The oven mellows the spiciness and the rich milk chocolate chips are an incredible riff on a very classic treat. (Here’s a link to the recipe:

Guittard’s semisweet chips were a step up from the typical brand and are wonderful in trail mix, cookies, or strewn through brownies. Both bags had very appealing recipes for Pots de Creme, Shortbread Rounds, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Molten Chocolate Cookies.


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