Chocoholly Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

I have been a big fan of Holly Caulfield’s chocolates, especially the Dark Milk (48%) with Geranium, since I first tried them. (See review on this site.) Holly also has what she calls sugar free bars sweetened with agave. Agave is metabolized like fructose, or fruit sugar; so, if you want to enjoy your chocolate without a sugar rush, this is for you. I sampled a plain dark chocolate heart lollipop. The major difference is in the texture. Agave syrup, containing more water than sugar crystals, produces a slightly chewier chocolate. I found it very balanced, and full of deep, dark chocolate flavor, which at 90% cocoa solids is easy to imagine. Holly enhances and rounds out the flavor with vanilla.

Her shipping charges to the U.S. are very reasonable, unlike so many other companies across the pond.


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