Seattle Chocolates: Assorted Truffle Collection

Just as thousands of artists have used the same paints to achieve wildly varying results, chocolatiers can use the same ingredients to create completely different products. This occurred to me as I tucked into a bag of assorted truffles from Seattle Chocolates. I had recently written about their truffle bars and erroneously assumed these would be very similar, but smaller. I underestimated their vision. They may use the same fillings and couverture, but the results are very different.

The truffles have a much thinner chocolate coating and a lot more truffle filling. They are supremely creamy and lighter. I almost want to say they are more fun, but that’s more about the cheerful multi-colored foil wrappers and the opportunity to eat a variety of flavors in one sitting, than the actual chocolates themselves.

I am a bit more partial to the truffle bars, as they pack a serious chocolate presence, with their thick slabs of chocolate encasing a thinner center of truffle, but I thoroughly enjoyed these ultra-smooth, less dense, and very flavorful truffles. I was going to list my favorites, but after typing a few in I realized I liked them all. Whether you gravitate towards dense, dark chocolate, coffee, peanut butter, coconut, fruit, or mint, there’s something for everyone here. If after trying the assortment you find you have a few favorites, no worries, you can buy individual flavors in five ounce bags.


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