Lindt Excellence Black Currant

I had a strange experience with Lindt’s (49%) Excellence with Black Currant. After multiple tastings I still hadn’t decided if I liked it, or not. The cassis, or black currant, flavor is fairly pronounced and kind of dips and swoops over your palate. Is it the aroma? The actual flavor? The slight acidic edge? The teeny bits of dried currant that appear here and there? Beats me. Then, there are the ubiquitous slivers of toasted almond, adding a light crunch to every bite. All the flavors blend well, while each still each stands alone. They also added artificial flavor, which may be what makes the profile so perplexing.

It’s a strange bar: texturally interesting, certainly sweet with 19 grams of sugar in a 40 gram portion, and fruity. I wish I could be more definitive. When these go on sale for $1.50 at Walgreens you might like to pick one up and see if it speaks to you. In the meantime, they have me hooked, as I keep tasting bite after bite trying to figure out what’s so mysterious.


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