Camille Bloch: Mousse and Ragusa Noir 60%

When the temperature climbs, it’s easy to love lighter textured chocolates. Camille Bloch makes three mousse-filled bars: a 60% dark, a 12% and a 3%. The bars are divided into eight squares, each with a dome encapsulating a mound of mousse. These are a dessert-like treat: sweet, rich, and ultra-creamy. Normally, my first choice would be the darkest bar, but because these were all so decadent, I found myself liking the more traditional milk chocolate rendition (12%) as much as the dark (60%). The super light milk, or Extra Milk as they call it, had only a hint of chocolate flavor. That creation seemed to be more about creamy sweetness than chocolate. As I am typically smitten with single origin dark bars, this was a gustatory departure. A couple of squares and a small bunch of grapes made a delicious dessert.

I also had the opportunity to try their Ragusa Noir (60%), a super popular product in Europe. Two 4 1/2″ long and 1″ wide rectangles of dark chocolate hazelnut paste with chopped roasted hazelnuts wore a top and base of 60% dark couverture; each was scored into four pieces. If you crave an adult version of Nutella, this is it.


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