Coco-Zen Strawberry Truffles: Fair Trade & Organic

These very large, thin-shelled, luscious truffles are infused with fresh strawberries and only available for a short time, so you may want to order some before you finish reading this review.

Even though it was a hot day, my truffles arrived in perfect condition. They were the size of a ping-pong ball and had a bit of candied strawberry on top. The mouse-like interior couldn’t have been fresher, and the strawberry flavor delicate, not overwhelming. More like a whispered tête-à-tête than a speech. As an experiment, I put them in the fridge, which intensified the strawberry presence and made a perfectly tempered shell stand out in high relief against its filling, which stayed wonderfully whipped and creamy. Joyce Kushner, the mastermind behind Coco-Zen, added just the right amount of sweetness, so were are neither cloying nor bitter.

If you know someone who has a Summer birthday these would be a present they would never forget; especially, if you bought them in Joyce’s stainless steel tiffins. Tiffins are traditional Indian lunch boxes and are designed to be reused.


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