Aldi Choceur Santo Domingo 70% Fair Trade & Organic

In my chocolate universe, there’s a special galaxy for Fair Trade and Organic products; so, when something new appears I am psyched to try it.

Aldi, an international discount grocery chain, just came out with a Santo Domingo 70% Dark bar that is both Fair Trade and Organic. In addition, it’s a great bargain. The 3.52 ounce bar only set me back $1.79. For this quality, that’s a steal. Aldi has an amazing guarantee: if you are unhappy with any product you can bring it back with the receipt for a replacement and a refund.

This is another easy-to-eat high cacao content bar. Beans from the Dominican Republic are delightfully fruity. I could eat the whole bar on auto-pilot, as the texture is creamy, perfectly tempered, and the aftertaste has an addictive edge.

I’ve been noticing how many milder bars in the 70% and higher range have recently flooded the market. Apparently, a large swath of people want a high cacao content bar with fewer gustatory challenges. This chocolate is a mid-range choice: there’s enough complexity to keep it interesting, while not so much acidity, bitterness, or intensity to make it daunting.

If you are experimenting with tempering, Choceur’s Santo Domingo would make a great bar for barks. Especially, if you included maple glazed nuts that had a bit of smoked paprika or chipotle chile powder. It would also lend itself to cardamom, dates, and toasted walnuts.


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