Vivani Organic: Ginger, Orange, Espresso, 72%, 85%

Even among die hard dark chocolate lovers there is a relatively small circle of folks who seek out bars in the 80% range, or higher. Yet, there are some delicious and tantalizing offerings in the cacao stratosphere.

Vivani makes an 85% bar that is organic, and contains only three ingredients: cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and raw cane sugar. (42 grams contains 19% of your iron, 3 grams of protein and 6 grams of sugar.) The addition of cocoa butter gives it a very smooth mouth feel and rounds out the elegant flavor. Unlike many other products in the super high cacao content range, Vivani’s does not taste earthy. This makes it an excellent choice for those of you who haven’t ventured into this territory, but are intrigued. The essence of the bean shines forth with less sugar, and no vanilla.

Their 72% bar is almost twice as sweet, but is still mighty chocolately and too easy to eat. If I hadn’t had other bars to review, I could have consumed a fair amount of this very balanced beauty.

Vivani’s 70% with ginger is for those who want a really satisfying dark bar with a light touch of ginger. There are other renditions of this combination out there that are heavier on the ginger, Vivani uses it to inform the chocolate not overwhelm it.

Orange, infused with organic essential orange oil that is barely discernible, is a 70% bar. If you seek a hint of citrus in your dark chocolate you’ll love it, but if you are looking for a serious jolt of orange pass it by.

Espresso (68%) is made with organic espresso (2%) and has a lovely mocha flavor without being all about the coffee, which makes for a slightly more complex experience tempered by fewer cacao solids.

All in all, a varied and delicious range with something for everyone.


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