Michel Cluizel Truffles & Elianza Couverture 35%, 55%

Ok. If I am seeing the glass half full, I got to try three of Michel Cluizel’s great truffles; in the glass half empty department, there were only three. Each was a little trip to France where some of the most inspired chocolatiers reside. The ganache centers were delightfully creamy and sophisticated with a lovely temper on each thin shell providing a perfect little foil of crunch.

As for the mini chocolate buttons, or easy-to-temper couvertures, I found the Elianza 55% dark more satisfying than the Elianza 35% milk. But, I am not an aficionado of milk chocolate, unless it has a very high cacao content. The darlings melt perfectly in no time; and, because they look like chocolate chips, may be added to all your recipes calling for morsels.


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