Saxon Chocolates

On a recent visit to Marshalls I found a box of dark chocolate covered cherries by Saxon. The chocolate brown box and light blue ribbon tempted me before I even knew what was inside: slightly tangy cherries enrobed with just the right amount of dark chocolate and a dusting of cocoa. So many manufacturers now call almost anything dark chocolate, but these were a true dark of about 65-70%.

Once I sampled their cherries I was eager to see what other treats were concocted in their Toronto digs. They sent me a variety of beautiful little boxes, some like purses, some square with pretty ribbon, each housing a new delight.

The Cherie Purse containing Truffle Almonds was visually adorable with its pink ribbon handle. Inside, scrumptious roasted almonds were encased in a mixture of dark chocolate and hazelnut paste, like Nutella for adults, coated in cocoa.

Hazelnut Truffles were large and came individually wrapped, four to a box. They are enrobed in Belgian dark chocolate and have a firm truffle center. One would make a complete dessert.

I tried four barks:
Strawberry: dark and white chocolate with bits of dried berries. Very satisfying, especially if you like your dark chocolate softened with a bit of white couverture.
Coconut: milk chocolate with a dark chocolate drizzle and coconut. A bit sweet for me.
Toffee Cappuccino: milk chocolate and bits of toffee. Just like one of those desserty drinks from Starbucks.
Peppermint: dark and white chocolate with confetti colored peppermint candy bits on top. Very pretty and minty, with a creamy chocolate base.

Their Dark Fleur de Sel caramels were a bit different from others I have had in that the center was softer. Not soft, not hard, somewhere in between. Again, they are bigger than many others on the market and one would be very satisfying.

Everything, including the cherries from Marshalls, was incredibly fresh. Each would make a great gift, depending on the gustatory preferences of the recipient. My predilection would be the cherries. I am smitten with any chocolate covered dried fruit that shows some restraint and isn’t drenched in a 1/4 inch of chocolate.

In the U.S. you can find these at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Whole Foods (New England), Origins, the Shopping Channel, Dylon’s Candy Bar, and Crate & Barrel.


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