Matcha Chocolat

In the past, I have raved about combinations of tea and chocolate that seem to take each up a notch. Matcha Chocolat, from England, has run with that idea and produced some delicious tea infused truffles. I was only able to taste two varieties, but I had to write about them because they were unusual and delicious.

Jasmine Silver Needle is one of my all-time favorite teas. Here, it is paired with white chocolate. Normally, I eschew white chocolate, but I can easily understand using it with this tea, as the tea is quite delicate and needs an appropriate foil that doesn’t override its gentle flavors. Often, with something this nuanced you run the risk of not tasting it, at all. Matcha Chocolat manages to let the flavor shine. I almost felt as if I were at my own little tea ceremony–only better, since it had chocolate.

Their Masala Chai, enrobed in dark chocolate topped with a piece of yummy crystalized ginger, was warmed with cinnamon, ginger, pepper, cloves and aniseed. The ganache is made with milk chocolate, which makes sense as chai usually has milk added to it. I loved the crisp, well-tempered dark shell, the ultra smooth center, and the harmony of flavors from the Chai tea. Next time, I will taste these with their namesake brews for an intense tea and chocolate experience.


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