Madison Marcela Artisan Toffee

In the past, I have found most toffees too light on the chocolate and a bit skimpy on the nuts; not so Madison and Marcela’s. Not only are they chock full of nuts, they have thick slabs of chocolate. Artisanal is definitely the correct word to describe these, as each piece is different from the next. I have begun to think of the owner, Robert, as the Jackson Pollack of toffee wildly flinging the ingredients around until they cohere into something irresistible.

Dark Chocolate Pecan Toffee, their signature treat, is truly remarkable. Not only is the toffee replete with pecans, the chocolate side is studded with them. Some ingredients are organic, like the butter, sugar and agave, and some are not. The batch I sampled was crunchy, but not tooth-breakingly so; sweet, but not cloying; and supremely nutty.

I was quite delirious over the Chocolate Peanut Toffee. Tons of peanuts encased in toffee with a thick coating of Callebaut dark chocolate on one side. Just in case you think this is too good to have lying around because you will scarf it down in one sitting, rest easy. Madison Marcela toffees are so satisfying you will only want a little. At least, a little each time you return to the bag.

They just started making an excellent spicy version of their dark chocolate pecan toffee. The gentle heat from red pepper flakes added an extra layer of flavor that amped up the nuts without overwhelming one’s senses.

Here’s the best part: all these toffees sell for $7.99 a half pound bag. If Robert had decided to vamp up the packaging he could have quadrupled that price; especially, if he also decreased the size of each piece.

There are two flavors sans chocolate: Cran-Almond Toffee and Coconut Macadamia, and a White Chocolate Pecan. I’m sure some people prefer their toffee naked, or enrobed in white confectionary coating, but the dark chocolate versions stole my heart from the first bite and I stayed faithful.


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