Michel Cluizel Chocolate Covered Nibs, Almonds, Coffee Beans, & Orange Peel

I am thankful every day there is such a cornucopia of things to enjoy in life. Many are small delights, like little tins. What makes it so satisfying to open a tin? I think it has to do with the old saying, good things come in small packages. A small tin exudes the potential for great joy. Such is the case with these four silvery metal round tins from Michel Cluizel.

Each one is about 2 1/2″ in diameter and about 3/4″ high. There is a lovely large window in the lid allowing you to whet your appetite as the shiny chocolate jewels call your name. They certainly spoke to me. Around each is an elegant wide black ribbon with silver writing. Not being one to waste much, I cut the frayed ends of these and made four silk bookmarks.

A while back I seemed to be writing reviews of chocolate covered cocoa nibs on a fairly regular basis. Tasting so many different varieties left me with an interest in these mini-confections. Michel Cluizel’s are excellent. The 60% dark chocolate couverture tames the intensity of the nibs; though, I must say, these are the least acidic nibs I have ever sampled. When I think of nibs, I think of something fairly strong–only for the true chocophile. You could give these to any one and they would like them. If you are looking for a typical over-the-top nib experience try another brand; but, if you want to venture into nib territory for the first time, buy these.

Chocolate covered orange peel is one of those products that you either love or hate. I happen to be a fan. These tiny pieces are just divine. Their small size is the perfect delivery system, as with orange peel I find a little usually sates my craving.

As a tea drinker who still adores the taste and aroma of coffee, Cluizel’s roasted Brazilian beans enrobed in dark chocolate allowed me to fulfill my coffee cravings without the buzz. Of course, if you’re after that caffeine high you can eat the whole tin. It certainly wouldn’t be difficult, with their crunch, balanced sweetness, and caffeine kick.

Almonds and dark chocolate seem made for each other. I love the combination, but often find the chocolate to almond ratio too high for my taste. These have a relatively thin coating of chocolate, which allows the nut to assert itself.

All four tins appealed to me, inside and out. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be the orange peel.


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