Fleurir Chocolates

I am a big fan of all the art work appearing on chocolate these days. Years ago, Richart’s exorbitant miniscule squares were the only way I could indulge this aesthetic pleasure; now, many chocolatiers employ transfer techniques that allow them to magically “paint” their wares with captivating designs. Fleurir Chocolates is my most recent foray into this visually appealing realm, where each picture is sweeter and lovelier than the next.

I sampled nine of their ganaches. Every square enrobed in a perfectly thin, but not too thin, shell of Valrhona. I was partial to the Carrot Cake, which surprised me as it was coated in white chocolate. The flavor was just fabulous, and about the right portion of carrot cake for me. There were even little fragments of walnut complementing the creamy coating and carrot ganache interior. Pink Peppercorn might sound outlandish, but this rendition was balanced and kicky at the same time. The Grand Marnier, Brandy Alexander, and Irish Coffee all had a luscious creaminess that reminded me of my youth (when I might have actually had one of those concoctions). Again, a small bite was just the ticket to satisfy a craving I didn’t even know I had. Ginger Rogers blended mint with ginger—just delicious. Sesame Hazelnut was an inspired pairing of flavors.  I think the combination of dark chocolate and sesame is quite wonderful and underused. Lavender Shiraz and Raspberry rounded out my tasting with their more delicate infusion of flavors. All in all, a good selection of old favorites with some new, exciting additions.

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