Q.bel Chocolate Wafer Bars & Rolls

I must confess, I have always liked these wafer bars but had not eaten them in years because most brands are loaded with hyrdrogenated oils.  Q.bel’s bars have non-hyrdogenated coconut and palm kernel oils. This discussion makes the cookies sound medicinal, but nothing could be further from the truth. They are a delicious light snack; or, a great little sweet bite after lunch or dinner.

I tried both the bars and the rolls.  In general, I preferred the bars as they seemed more substantial. Actually, they weigh 1.1 ounces while the rolls come in at .09 ounces. You might think that’s not much of a difference, but it seemed noticeable to me.

The wafer flavors are: peanut butter, mint, 70% chocolate (which is particularly neat for a product of this type), milk chocolate,  and crispy rice.  All are enrobed in dark chocolate, except the milk and peanut butter varieties.  The rolls come in peanut butter, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate.  As you might expect, I was partial to the 70% bar, but I also loved the crispy rice. The mint rendition was refreshing and crunchy with a creamy white filling.

If they had been available when I was raising my children I would have put them in their lunch boxes, as they come two to a package. The design is attractive keeping the wafers and rolls intact, no mean feat. If you crave this classic cookie, Q. bel offers a healthier way of sating your desire.


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