Patrick Roger Chocolates

I am a tree hugger from way back, so when I slipped Patrick Roger’s lovely turquoise box out of its black sleeve and discovered a black and white photograph of trees hiding in its interior, I was simply smitten. The last thing I expected was a little visual thrill, but if I had been paying attention to their website, with its photo of Mr. Rogers sporting a funky hairdo, I would have anticipated something sui generis.

Inside, small cubes of creamy hazelnut praline enrobed in dark and milk chocolate hid a soupçon of finely chopped roasted hazelnuts under their chocolate coating. They appealed to the child in me who might like to scarf down Nutella but is housed in an adult who won’t let her. Their diminutive size a gentle reminder that a couple of these gems was enough to sate one’s craving for chocolate, sugar, and hazelnuts.

I also sampled a perfectly tempered bar of Caraibes 66% tasting of fruit and earth, with a light acidic edge happily ensconced in an ultra-smooth, velvety textured chocolate. This was an easy-to-eat high cacao content bar, perfect for those just embarking on a darker chocolate journey.

You will be happy to know Patrick Roger will ship to the US.


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