Chocolate Inspirations: Vegan Toffees with Dark Chocolate & Vegan Fudge

A little over a year ago I discovered Purely Decadent’s Coconut Milk ice cream, an incredibly creamy, mousse-like dessert that went fabulously with my Fallen Chocolate Cake. Around the same time, I began experimenting with coconut oil in baked goods, and was very happy with the results. So, it was with great glee I opened a package of toffees and fudge from Chocolate Inspirations as they are all made with coconut oil or milk.

Their Vegan Gourmet English Toffee was rich, crunchy with pecans, and thickly coated in dark chocolate (Felchlin’s 58% couverture, a creamy, adult dark that doesn’t interfere with the toffee’s flavors). I was an immediate fan. My problem with most toffee is the dearth of chocolate and the unctuous, over-the-top butter flavor. This offered exactly what I had been craving for but didn’t know existed.

Gourmet Vegan Cinnamon Toast Toffee was different in that it is an elegant thin shard of toffee coated with dark chocolate and topped with sugar crystals. They added just the right amount of cinnamon to complement a unique toffee-chocolate combo.

Vegan Gourmet Coconut Brittle is like the English toffee but with toasted coconut.

Vegan Gourmet Coffee Toffee is a creative treat satisfying your desire for mocha, nuts, toffee and dark chocolate. It may sound as if too many things are going on here, but they all blend beautifully, just like the last movement of a Mozart symphony.

Chocolate Inspirations also makes a Gourmet Vegan Fudge Sensation Bar that I was skeptical about until I read the ingredients: dark chocolate, purified water, almonds, cashews, sodium bicarbonate, rice starch, non iodized salt, sugar, corn syrup, and organic coconut oil. It has a good creamy, fudgey texture, not too sweet, and covered in dark chocolate.

They also make Vegan Gourmet Cocoa Pecans, Vegan Cashew Brittle, Caramel Nut Cups, Cinnamon Toast Toffee with Almonds, and Vegan Cinnamon Sugared Pecans.

Another wonderful thing about Chocolate Inspirations is their willingness to sell in bulk.  The minimum bulk amount is one pound, with a typical price of $20.50. When you consider what high end confections cost, this is a great bargain. You can always repackage your toffee in a lovely tin or box. (I use boxes from note cards as they’re often the right size and have great designs.)


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