This Chick Bakes

While packaging is not enough to make me love a product, it certainly helps. Jennifer Houston and Charley Tucker of This Chick Bakes, sent me a truly beautiful box of seven different treats. Aqua blue and dark chocolate colored stripes adorned the bottom, the top was plain dark brown, and everything was held together by a wide aqua ribbon with brown dots.  Inside, I found the ribbon design echoed on tissue paper. The whole effect was festive, cheerful, and inviting. Perfect for a gift; especially, if you are not a baker but love classic cookies, brownies, and new riffs on them. This Chick Bakes offers gluten free and vegan selections, too.

Let’s start with two of the more unusual items:

Rose Cups was a fudgey chocolate brownie base topped with a layer of ganache and capped with dark chocolate. The rose flavor is subtle, the textures went well together: slightly chewy brownie, rich, creamy ganache, and thick dark chocolate. They are fairly large, about 2  1/2 inches in diameter and over an inch high.

Peanut Butter blast, another cup-type confection, was the same size but completely different. The base was a peanut cookie, topped with a peanut butter ganache and a dark chocolate top. Unusual and very satisfying.

The following were a bit more mainstream but their execution was top notch:

Chocolate Fudge Brownie was studded with bits of dark chocolate and had a perfect chewy texture. Each one would make two very generous portions.

Black, White & Orange Cookie is a dark chocolate cookie with organic orange oil and white chocolate chips. It managed to have a slightly crunchy exterior and a chewier interior. The orange flavor enhanced the chocolate without overpowering it.

Flourless Chocolate Walnut Cookie, was incredible. It had a crunchier exterior (probably because of the walnuts) and a chewier interior than the Black, White & Orange cookie. Their exquisite rendition of walnuts and chocolate is a must if you crave this timeless combination.

Gluten Free Chocolate Coconut Pecan Chunk was a softer cookie with a milder chocolate flavor. It is made with coconut flour, though coconut is not the dominant flavor, chocolate is.

The Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk cookie may convert many omnivores, it’s that good. Pronounced peanut flavor, beautiful dark chocolate chunks, and a chewy-cakey texture make this pretty irresistible.

If you got to you will find a cornucopia of additional flavors including: Mooney Mood pie, Loco Coco Nutty Bar, Green Tea and Lemon, Cafe’ Latte, Raisin Coconut Chocolate Oat, Ginger, Dipt’ Peanut Butter, and Pomegranate White Tea.

One more thing. It can be dicey buying baked goods online, as they might not be fresh. Everything I received was in perfect condition and tasted as if it had just been baked.


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