TerraSource Gourmet Chocolates

I do adore it when someone cares enough to use the best quality ingredients and source their cacao from places that treat workers with respect and pay them a fair wage, so I was already predisposed to like Josie Pradella’s vegan chocolates. For those of you who think “vegan” means vaguely edible, these truffles will astound you.  They have a crisp, thin shell, phenominally intense flavors, and silky centers.

The ganache is made with coconut milk and coconut oil. You may have read the bad rap these products received in the past, but that was before anyone researched coconut oil. We now believe these products are quite healthy. You can access newer information on coconut oil here: http://www.organicfacts.net/organic-oils/organic-coconut-oil/health-benefits-of-coconut-oil.html.

I tried five of the tea infused chocolates.  These are not for the kiddies, unless your child has been blessed with an adult palate. All were heavy on flavor, but tasted light. You might think that would make them less gratifying.  Au contraire, the texture, richness, perfect level of sweetness, and flavor profile produced a deeply satisfying experience.

The Masala Chai was as real and authentic as could be. A gustatory symphony embodying the essence of Chai.  Lavender Tea is only for true lavender devotees as it was far from a whiff of those lovely purple flowers. I felt as if I had tumbled into a field of lavender after just one bite. Jasmine Green Tea was also a heady experience. I tasted the flowery jasmine as well as the slightly astringent tea, and they married well in that wonderful ganache. Scarlet Tea was more gently infused with berry flavor. My favorite, Caramel Rooibos Tea, was the essence of red bush tea paired with caramel notes—just divine.

Some of Josie’s other flavors, like: Brandied Pear, Pecan Praline, Balsamic Strawberry, and Cranberry Walnut are calling my name as I write this.


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