Art Deco inspired shapes in dark and milk chocolate encase various ganaches (and one salt caramel center) that will lure you with their appearance and reel you in with extreme lusciousness. Each one is a mini dessert from J. Truffles, part of the Seattle Chocolate Company.

Before we explore the chocolates, let me tell you about the presentation. A square clear box, with a white base and a luxurious wide navy silk ribbon speaks to both men and women.  I have never addressed this issue before, but the unisex appeal of this design got me thinking of how many packages are targeted to women.  With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, this gift would be welcomed by all chocolate lovers, regardless of gender.

The truffles are quite large, about five bites for me, though their pyramid shape makes them easy to eat, as each corner and the top provides a “way in” without getting chocolate shards all over you.

There were eight flavors in  my selection, each one well-tempered, rich, and satisfying. I was especially taken with the Salt Water Caramel, even though it was in milk chocolate (not usually my first choice), since the caramel was just perfect: not too chewy and not too soft.  I enjoyed all the milk chocolate truffles because I thought of this collection as dessert. For me, a dessert can be a bit sweeter than the dark, high cacao content chocolates I typically eat. Once I made that cognitive shift, I enjoyed every one of these little pyramids.

The Savory Hazelnut had almost-ground nuts mixed with dark chocolate ganache.  A slightly crunchy Gianduja experience that appealed to both the adult and inner child. Pura Vida Cafe, made with Turkish ground Espresso beans was as creamy as the best cappuccino, without any harsh or bitter coffee notes. Limoncello sported a white chocolate ganache infused with lemon zest. I am partial to this combination, especially when it is paired with dark chocolate, as it was here. They claim the lemon is intense.  I found it flavorful, neither too mild nor too acidic.  Creme Brulee had vanilla custard ganache on top of a thin, crunchy layer of caramelized sugar in a dark chocolate shell. It was a wonderful, whimsical and delicious surprise. Cherry Praline houses dried cherries ground with roasted pecans. For me, the predominant flavor was dark chocolate ganache with nuts.  I enjoyed it, but found the cherry notes a bit elusive. Their signature truffle, Magma, is made with 65% chocolate and was the richest of the assortment.

If you like a large truffle with a thicker chocolate shell that makes a visual statement, this is for you.


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