Attune Probiotics Bars

One might think dark chocolate has enough physical and emotional benefits, but the people at Attune took it up a notch by adding three lactobaccillus probiotic cultures.  If you are not eating yogurt daily, this may be just the extra enhancement you have been unconsciously seeking.

I sampled three bars.  As a neutraceutical, I thought they were all quite good. The mint was excellent.  I never would have thought I would enjoy milk chocolate this much, but it was crunchy, intense, and satisfying.  Their version of a rice crispie bar, milk chocolate with brown rice crisps, was also yummy . Uncharacteristically, I liked the plain dark the least.  It’s perfectly fine, but after having the intensity and textural interest of the other two, it paled in comparison.

All three bars are sweetened with evaporated cane juice, contain inulin for a little fiber boost—3 grams per bar, and 25% of your calcium. They are 20 grams each (about 3/4 of an ounce) and between 80-90 calories. If I were traveling and couldn’t easily have my daily dose of yogurt cultures, this would provide a tasty option. Also, they would be a fun, nutritional snack to throw in a handbag or briefcase for all those times when low blood sugar impedes one’s judgment.

It’s not fair to compare Atune’s bars to plain, single origin chocolate. Chocolate is simply the delicious delivery system they use to give you some digestion-enhancing probiotics.


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