Aldi Single Origin Chocolates 75%, 65%, 55%

I am a big fan of Aldi markets. They originated in Germany and have expanded to many places across the globe including almost 30 American states.

One of the most appealing aspects of being a regular Aldi shopper is trying all their new products; and, they have a fantastic guarantee: return anything you are unhappy with for a replacement and a refund. That’s not a typo, you get both.

I recently tried their three single origin chocolates. A great bargain at $1.49 per 100 gram bar. If you are partial to Lindt you will most likely enjoy these. They are all tempered to a perfect snap.  My only quibble is the use of vanillin rather than vanilla extract; but, at that price I really can’t complain. (Vanillin is a man-made compound, while real vanilla is made up of complex multiple compounds from vanilla pods that require expensive processing.)

Aldi’s Venezuelan 55% dark chocolate is a very creamy, easy to eat bar. This would be an excellent choice for someone new to dark bars, as it is mild but still interesting.

The 65% from Madagascar is more complex with fruity notes, a wonderful creaminess, and a great chocolate aroma.

From Ecuador, we have a 75% dark that is so luscious you would never guess it’s 75%. There’s almost no bitterness, even though this qualifies as a bittersweet bar.  Perhaps, that stems from the lack of complexity, but, it’s still a great option for the price.


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