Wei of Chocolate: Vegan Dark Chocolates infused with Herbs, Spices, & Flower Essences

Neutraceuticals. Not exactly a catchy name, but the concept of enhancing foods with herbs, spices, vitamins, or flower essences to amplify their health giving benefits is intriguing, especially if all those good-for-you-chemicals are paired with chocolate.

Wei of Chocolate is the brainchild of Lisa Reinhardt. Her business motto, influenced by 11 years in Tibet, Nepal, and India, is:  Savor the space between two thoughts.

In addition to channeling the wisdom of the East, she infuses her chocolates with mood enhancing organic botanicals to help you slow down and squeeze more joy out of life. That may sound like a lot to ask from a few bites of chocolate, but I have always found eating great chocolate takes me to a slower, more mindful place. It’s one of the reasons I keep coming back for more. Lisa enjoins us to meditate on every bite. If you’re a chocophile you already focus all your attention on each amazing morsel; however, her wares take the experience up a few notches. I liked the different herbal, spice, and floral blends. If you gravitate towards that sort of thing I would encourage you to try these. They are unique, and lovingly made.

The Wei chocolate experience is more like a food than a confection, the texture reminiscent of less processed, or raw, chocolate. There’s almost a chewiness, which is very satisfying.  Each prettily foil-wrapped medallion is color-coded for ease of selection.

Here’s the rundown:

Daily Gratitude– 65% cacao, has chai spices plus 3 herbs that are good for you: rhodiola to rebalance the adrenals, codonopsis to boost the immune system, and lemon balm because it is calming & relaxing.

Daily Love– is a smooth & subtle 74% cacao with a chili finish.  It also has 3 herbs for health benefits: astragalus to boost the immune system, eleuthero to support the adrenals, and maca for sustained energy.

Sensual Love– 74% cacao, has a smoky, earthy chili flavor, laced with 5 aphrodisiac herbs that are also hormone-balancing.  Talk about nature’s most perfect food!

Inner Clarity– 70% cacao with ground up organic peppermint leaves, rosemary & clove, with flower essences for taking a deep breath, more clarity & insight.

Inner Delight– 70% cacao with subtle citrus & spices, and flower essences for more joy, kindness, compassion and love.

Inner Peace– 70% cacao with ground up organic lavender petals, lemongrass & coriander, with flower essences for more peace & tranquility.

The organic, fair trade base chocolate is a blend from Indonesia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic. (If you would like more information on all the ingredients see: http://www.weiofchocolate.com/ingredients.html.)

If the chocolate doesn’t get you into a meditative state, surely the inspirational text on Lisa’s website will.


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